Friday, June 10, 2016

Understanding Natural Clothing Benefits Better

You are what you wear. Says a statement that comes off as too cliche, really. Then again, it makes sense. What you put on, would define how you appear to everyone. Clothes have a way to identify you with, among or far from the rest. Either way, people would be able to tell, or have an idea about what kind of person you could be, by looking at what you wear.

It gets disappointing and often frustrating too. When it comes to campaigning for something more sustainable, their lips tend to be tight. Sure, they can tell the difference between natural clothing Los Angeles and traditional trendy ones. But in the case where you have to tell what those differences are, not much is given.

One of the things you can try when going organic for clothing are fabrics made from fibers. Most brands offers textiles that are produced mainly from synthetic or man made materials. Natural ones are those that are created from where they originally come from, which would be plants and animals.

Be different. Experiment with your style by going organic. For starters, you can try cotton first. Known as the most widely used in the fabric industry for good reason, its softness makes for breathable pieces. The kind of feeling it gives against your skin is arguably unmatched. The fact that is also on the affordable side, is not bad. Thus, you would be able to appreciate it better, style aside.

For about five thousand years, cotton had been planted and cultivated in various parts of the world, and understandably so. Even when those that were growing them for use, were never able to reach other, they managed to create tools that allowed it be cleaned, prepared and woven. Not to mention that it can be relied on, when it comes to durability.

Hemp also has a lot of amazing properties. These days, you can find the material in many quality garments. Among the number of crops in agriculture, this is probably the most environmental friendly, improving the soil as it grows. It is low maintenance, requiring no herbicides and is resistant to pests and other insects.

Another one would have to be silk. It is your natural protein fiber, made out of cocoons that larvae of silkworms religiously weave, if that is how you call it. The triangular prism like structure of the fiber is responsible for their valuable appearance. This then, allows silk to reflect light and catch it from many different angles.

On the other hand, synthetic ones tend to be the opposite, with low water absorption and poor breathable ability. Thus it is really less comfortable when you come to think about it. Because of this, the skin has a good chance of giving you allergic reactions and invites bacteria. It can also cause complications in the skin like acne, in worst cases.

More than that, the industry is known for hard labor practices that makes for injustice to people responsible for the manpower it took to produce the clothes you see on hampers at world class brand stores. It does not have to be that way for natural clothing, since you can be sure they are made under safe and friendly working conditions. And that alone makes a huge difference.

Source: Understanding Natural Clothing Benefits Better

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