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All You Need To Know About Organic Cotton

Cotton is well-known throughout the world as the fabric of our lives. Every day, we come into contact with products made from this fabric. The sheets we sleep on, the clothes we wear, the couches we sit on and even some of the gadgets we own. Most of these items are designed from conventional cotton (non-organic cotton) which requires the use of pesticides. The use of these toxic chemicals presents heath risks to both farmers and consumers, and has a huge impact to the environment. It may cost less to produce cotton this way, but is better for the environment, the farmers and consumers to choose organic cotton whenever possible.

Then what exactly is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is simply natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre. The Organic Trade Association (OTA) refers to it as the type of cotton that is grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances. Its production relies on right soil conditions, good climate and weather conditions, as well as proper cultivation methods. Third-party organizations also refer it as the type of cotton grown by use of only approved cultivation and harvesting methods, and without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Like other organic products such as food, organic cotton must be certified as such by Organic Trade Association (OTA) or any third party organization, based upon pre-determined regulations and rules for what is and isn’t allowed in the production (cultivation and harvesting) process.

For instance in the United States, the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) regulates the organic certification process, using the standards and regulations set in OFPA (Organic Food Production Act) of 1990. Also, because organic cotton is grown in other countries across the world and the United States supply is not large enough to keep up with increasing demand, other certification organizations are often cited for most products that are available on the market.

Benefits Of Purchasing Organic Cotton T-Shirts Over Traditional T-Shirts

If you plan to purchase a t-shirt, it is important to consider one that is designed from organic cotton. Its benefits include promotes better health, stylish, longer clothing life, comfortable, lightweight and many more. Continue reading this article to find out more about these benefits.

Better for your own health

It is better for your health when your body is not introduced to any toxic chemical. The rate of people experiencing a wide range of health problems such as respiratory problems, rashes, allergies, and other difficulties due to chemical exposure has been growing alarmingly. When you wear organic clothes, you wear less chemicals. You are exposed less to toxic substances.

Since the production of cotton that is used to design organic clothing does not involve the use of toxic substances, you are likely to experience fewer allergies and respiratory problems. It is also believed that such clothes are softer and smells pleasant than conventional or traditional ones. Furthermore, by wearing sustainable fashion, you are showing the rest of the world that you care about your health and the environment, as well as the where your clothing comes from, especially the farmers who grow it.

It’s stylish

Purchasing and wearing organic cotton t-shirts is a great way to show your unique style and fashion sense. Materials used to make the clothing are 100% organic cotton making them a personal favorite. You can incorporate them into your daily wear and expect a more comfortable and softer alternative to traditional t-shirts. Such t-shirts are casual but unique, thus demonstrating how organic clothing can make you feel and look good.

Longer clothing life

It may be cheaper to purchase t-shirts that are designed from synthetic fibers, but it is worth to consider quality for the longer clothing life. Studies indicate that non-synthetic fabrics that are produced without the use of fertilizers and pesticides have a higher lifespan than regular fibers. They will last for several years through wear and wash. Organic cotton fabric is one of them. T-shirts made of such fabric may cost slightly higher, but you are guaranteed clothing that will last for longer without wear and tear. You won’t need to replace them as quickly as you would have done with synthetic brand.


The number one thing that you want to avoid is purchasing a t-shirt that you will not feel comfortable when wearing. Not only are organic clothing comfortable, but they are thick and strong enough to avoid any sheerness. You will find then fit to wear without experiencing any shrinkage.


You will want to invest your money in a lightweight and breathable fabric, as they allow your body to sweat out easily while maintaining the comfortable feeling. Functionally, t-shirts that are designed from organic cotton are light in weight compared to traditional fabrics.

Promote a sustainable living

Another benefit of purchasing t-shirts that are designed from 100% organic cotton is that they promote a sustainable living. When you wear any clothing that is designed from organically grown cotton, you are not only promoting the brand but also communicating to the world that quality matters. By purchasing such clothing, you are promoting environmental sustainability. It means that you are decreasing environmental pollution thus creating a safe haven for the future generation.

Low-Impact to the environment

Another benefit or purchasing organic clothing is the low impact they have to the environment. Don’t confuse it to sustainable living. Non-synthetic fibers that involve the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic substances are both polluting and energy-intensive. GMO and conventional seeds used to grow conventional cotton end up running off into the rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and ultimately on the land. This brings havoc with the local eco-sytem and finally harms plants and animals that live there. Therefore, when you purchase t-shirts that are designed from organic cotton, you promote the safety of the land, environment and water during production.

Promoting farmers who grow organic cotton

Additionally, by purchasing t-shirts made from organic cotton, you are promoting an increase in work quality for those who grow the product. You are also promoting health of such workers and encouraging them to produce more of those organically grown fabrics because they are aren’t exposed to toxic substances that cause cancer and respiratory problems. When clothing made of synthetic materials, many times you are promoting companies that hire workers to work in factories with deplorable conditions.


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